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(5 stars) "Have used Lazy 5 Vets since 2001 & highly recommend this business. Dr Connolly & Dr Julian run a great facility & provide top notch, compassionate care. Their support staff is also awesome!!" - Gina Goff June 2016

(5 stars) "We've been going there for years and they are awesome!! Great vets and wonderful staff! They make you feel like your fuzzy family member is their only patient. Highly recommend." - Danielle Krack May 2016

(5 stars) "The staff at Lazy 5 Vet are friendly, respectful, helpful with questions & most of all very kind & loving to our animals. We have full confidence in their ability to care for them & appreciate all they do so very much!!" - Kelly Safrit May 2016
(5 stars) "These are a very animal loving group of folks and while you'd think all vets are like that, they're not. Very happy to have found these folks after moving from TN and away from my favorite vets in all my history of having pets. Never thought I'd find someone as good as they were, and I'm glad to have been proven wrong on that thought. Thank you for all your wonderful care for our kids." - Katlee Shank April 2016

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K-Laser Testimonials


Kudo is a one year old Siberian Husky male who was hit by a car and then ran off.  It was 8 days later when his owners found him.  His left rear foot was badly mangled.

At presentation, we discussed amputation of the leg as one treatment option.  Due to the amount of infection, lack of skin on the foot, and loss of two toes, the prognosis for him to ever be able to use the foot AND for us to be able to get the skin and surrounding soft tissue to heal back was very guarded.  Thankfully, Kudo's owners were willing to take the chance and opted to try to save the foot.

Kudo's outside toe was completely gone and the bone where this toe attaches was protruding from the tissue.  The toe next to this one was still attached by skin but the bone was exposed and damaged beyond repair so this had to be removed as well.

Kudo's surgical treatment consisted of removing the exposed and damaged bones and closing the tissue over the ends of the bone.  There was no skin to close over the open wound that went around at least 80% of the foot.

Kudo was put on multiple antibiotics and multiple pain medications, in addition to wound treatments with epsom salts and bandages with honey.

The most important aspect of Kudo's treatment was the K-laser.  The laser increases bloodflow which speeds tissue healing, helps with inflammation/swelling, and fights infection.  For the first week, we lasered the wound once daily.  From Days 7 to 19, the laser was used three days per week.  After Day 19, the wound had healed so much that the owners opted to discontinue the laser treatment.

At his last visit, Kudo was using the leg and there were no signs of infection.

Progression Presentation   **Warning...Graphic Content**

Pete Seagraves

K-Laser changed Pete's life!

Pete started showing symptons of pain around the age of two.  After scans we discovered both hips and knees were in bad shape.  By age four he was no longer able to keep up with our other two labs.  Our playful loving dog had turned into a grumpy lifeless dog.  After treatments with K-Laser, Pete slowly started going on longer walks,  he started feeling good enough to swim again, and this progressed to running around with our other dogs on the farm.  Today Pete's quality of life has improved 100% from where we were 1 year ago.  I recommend K-Laser to anyone with an animal experiencing joint pain or limited mobility!

Crystal Seagraves

Heidi Yates

Heidi has arthritis in her hips and we have been taking her for laser treatments since November of 2009. We can see a huge difference in Heidi. She is more playful, and is more like she was when she was a puppy. We would highly recommend this treatment to others.
Carl, Faye, and "Heidi" Yates