Photo Gallery of Hospital

Original Hospital was built in 2007 with the Camp Wagon Tails Expansion added in 2014.  





Our spacious lobby features a retail center, saltwater aquarium, pet friendly water center and three educationally programmed TV's.


Treatment Areas & Call Centers

With our one of kind hospital design, doctors and techs can monitor pets visually and through our digital whiteboard displays.  Our 10 customer service call centers allow us to take your calls and get answers to clients immediately.  


Surgery Suite


Our board certified surgery suite is equipped with dual light set-up, full monitoring and lots of natural light.


Exam Rooms


Each of our nine exam rooms is personalized by our veterinarians on staff.  Find out how easy it is to be checked out in your exam room.  Credit card stations are located in each room for our clients' convienence.


Cat Condos & Kitty Play Time


Cats staying in our premier boarding facility in Camp Wagon Tails have all sorts of fun...

Fish Patrol or Bird Watching

Laser Pointer or Feather Toy Play Time

Every room has a view in luxurious, relaxing environment


Doggie Facilities


Many choices aboud in climate-controlled, spacious environment.


Indoor Play Area


Pups are sure to enjoy playtime no matter what the conditions outside are.  With playgrounds and endless toys, our techs make their stay fun.  


Outdoor Play


Woo-Hoo!  When the weather is nice, there is all sorts of space to run and play!! 

Bathing & Grooming Areas


From our customized, one-of-a-kind bathing tubs to the multi-table grooming salon, pets come out looking and smelling their best.