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Preventative Health Care

Preventative health care is essential to ensure that your dog or cat has a full, healthy life.  Our Wellness Care services include:

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

Puppy / Kitten Vaccination Series  

Adult Dog / Cat Vaccination  

Nutrition Counseling  

Senior Pet Health Care and Diagnostics




Our in-house laboratory and state of the art ultrasound and radiology equipment allow us to quickly and thoroughly evaluate your pet’s health , even in critical cases where time is of the essence.  Our facilities include:

Fully equipped laboratory

Ultrasound services

Full x-ray department

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Electrocardiogram (ECG)  


Surgical Services

Anesthesia and surgical equipment allows us to perform many routine and non-routine surgical services while ensuring that your pet’s safety and comfort.

Spay or neuter surgery


Lacerations and abscesses

Tumor removal

Orthopedic (bone) surgery

Abdominal surgery

Ear / eye surgeries

Reproductive surgery


Dental Services

Oral health increases your pet’s wellbeing, adds to its longevity and makes it more pleasant to be around.  Our dental services include:

Oral / dental examinations

Dental cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatments



Behavioral Services and Training

Behavior problems can not only cause stress for you and your pet, but also, if unchecked, can lead to major medical problems and a shorter life for your pet.  Some of our behavior services include:

Behavioral counseling and treatment for problems including housebreaking, barking, anxiety, aggressiveness (biting, scratching, etc,) depression, etc.

Puppy Kindergarten / socialization training

Housebreaking and basic obedience training