Wellness Plans


Animal care has been changing dramatically over the last few years.  Lazy 5 Vets are committed to changing with it.  With increased advancements and new procedures available, veterinary costs have gone up.  We are introducing a way for clients to save money and break up the costs.   With these plans, clients can enjoy scheduled exams with pets's wellness doctor all year long as well as staying current on all of their vaccines for low monthly payments that fit into your yearly budget.  


How do they work?

Once qualified, clients will be able to choose 
from two levels of coverage for their pets. 
(See below)

Clients pay a one-time sign-up fee and 
are automatically drafted a small monthly fee 
from checking or credit card accounts.  
Participants of the Lazy 5 Vet's 
Wellness Program can request a
Pet ID Card.  




Small-Dog-Wellness-2013.jpg Large-Dog-Wellness-2013.jpg


Our Guarantee to You and Your Pet:

We shall provide caring and high quality preventative healthcare for your pet at discounted prices.  Your pet’s wellness is our first concern.  We look forward to providing a healthcare plan for your pet, lowering your pet’s healthcare costs and helping your pet to live a longer and better life. 

Call one of our technicians today to start the application process.