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Best In Service

Lazy 5 Vets has been Rowan County’s top-rated full-service animal hospital for over 10 years in a row!

Camp Wagon Tails

Camp Wagon Tails is Rowan County’s premier boarding and grooming facility. Whether your pet needs a full-service treatment, a play day, or a place to hang while you are at the office – Camp Wagon Tails is the perfect place for your animal companion!

Cat Friendly

With specialized “cat-friendly” areas in the lobby, exam rooms and hospital, your cat will experience a low-stress visit to the veterinarian.

Spacious Facility

With a spacious lobby, 9 exam rooms and several play areas, Lazy 5 Vets can keep your pets feeling comfortable and at ease while visiting the vet.


From a standard bath to a luxury full grooming experience, allow our professional grooming staff to get your pet looking and smelling their best from head to paw!

Laser Therapy

Advancements in veterinary medical care include modern laser treatments. Since 2008, Lazy 5 Vets has offered k-laser therapy for our patients. This cold laser therapy is a painless, drug free, and surgery free therapy option providing advanced pain relief for both dogs and cats.


Here at Lazy 5 Vets, we offer acupuncture for pets which involves placing very thin needs in strategic points on an animal’s body in order to produce a response. The goal is to treat the imbalance of the body.

Serving Rowan County and surrounding areas since 2005, Lazy 5 Vets is a trusted source for high-quality veterinary medical care. For many years, we have been committed to providing the best veterinary care while building relationships that last a lifetime. Our professional and friendly staff are dedicated to promoting preventative health care and helping you foster a truly meaningful relationship with your animal companion.

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Specialized Treatments & Services

Lazy 5 Vets is proud to offer modern innovations including K-Laser Therapy, Veterinary Acupuncture, and Camp Wagon Tails, our premier boarding and grooming facility. For our clients’ convenience, we also provide in-room checkout, wellness plans, and house calls. Additionally, our online retail center offers a wide variety of products including food, collars, leashes, toys, treats, and medications.

Client Testimonials

The staff at Lazy 5 Vets are friendly, respectful, helpful with questions & most of all very kind & loving to our animals. We have full confidence in their ability to care for them & appreciate all they do so very much!!

Kelly Safrit