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The Cat-Friendly Practice® program helps veterinary teams stay ahead of best practices in feline medicine. As a result, cats and their caregivers will have a less stressful visit because the practice is tailored to felines’ specific needs. What’s more, Cat-Friendly Practices® like Lazy 5 Vets regard the program as being key to their practice’s ongoing success.

To make Lazy 5 Vets more comfortable for all of its furriest friends, Kelsey Stover, DVM, and Rebekah Frick Julian, DVM have worked over the past year to become a CFP to implement changes to make the hospital more “cat friendly.” We are proud to announce that we are the first Cat Friendly Clinic in Rowan County!

For their work, Lazy 5 Vets was recognized with a Gold level standard designation as a Cat-Friendly Practice® by the AAFP.

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What to Expect from our Veterinary Clinic as a Gold Level Cat Friendly Practice®

CFP’s have a:

  • Waiting room/area that reduces stress associated with noise, other pets, or unfamiliar smells (methods can include feline-only area, cat-only appointment times, separate space with a barrier blocking visual contact, etc.).
  • Veterinary staff receives ongoing feline education on medical care, behavior, communication, and feline-friendly handling techniques.
  • Feline-only or feline-centric examination room–a safe, non-threatening area where cats can be examined calmly and effectively.
  • Trained staff who recognize subtle, early signs of sickness, fear, or anxiety, and adapt appropriately.
  • Our Veterinary Clinic facility is well-maintained and equipped for feline patients (cat-sized equipment, soft coverings, feline facial pheromone diffuser, etc.)
  • Procedure to adjust for each cat based on whatever is least stressful for the cat. Exams may be performed in the carrier, on the floor, or in the veterinarian’s lap.

Cat Friendly Practices® make specific changes to ensure they understand a cat’s unique needs and implement feline-friendly standards. These changes provide a more calming environment for cats. CFP’s can advise you on ways to reduce stress before and after the visit, including how to make the carrier a home away from home for your cat.

Our staff is trained in approaching and handling cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner. Some clinics have even made physical adjustments to make the visit more positive for you and your cat. You can be confident your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all phases of the visit including examinations, procedures, and/or hospitalization.

Cats need regular check-ups to help ensure longer, happier, and healthier lives. During routine check-ups, we can often detect conditions or diseases that may affect your cat’s health before they become painful or more difficult to treat. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) established the Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) Program to reduce the stress associated with veterinary visits, improve the quality of care provided, and support the veterinary team so they consider a cat’s distinct needs and behaviors.