Meet Our Team


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Dr. Julian & Hermione

Rebekah Frick Julian, DVM, graduated from North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. She practiced for one-and-a-half years in a high-volume, mixed-animal practice in Manchester, Tennessee, before joining James Animal Hospital and Lazy 5 Ranch Mobile Vet Service in October 2002.  Dr. Julian takes special interest in geriatric medicine as she feels lead to help clients and their pets through the senior years as aging problems develop.  She feels pain control, comfort in aging and facing geriatric diseases early are top priority in aging pets.  As some clients select hospice care for their pet she feels client/patient relationships are even more important during this time.  She also enjoys canine rehabilitation, dermatology and equine denistry.  A native of eastern Rowan County, Dr. Julian graduated high school from East Rowan before going to undergraduate school at UNC-Wilmington.  She married her high school sweetheart, Scott Julian, and they have 3 children: Noah, Eli and Hope.  For enjoyment, Dr. Julian still enjoys running, playing with her children, traveling and participating in Outreach events for the community and the church.

Rebel, Lilly & Dr. Connolly

Corrie Hampton Connolly, DVM, is a native of Rowan County where she attended West Rowan High School. She graduated from NC State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Poultry Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Her career at Lazy 5 Vets started the summer before she entered vet school, when the clinic was still James Animal Hospital. Dr. Connolly began working for Dr. Ted James as a technician and continued to work for Dr. James through vet school, taking a full time position as a veterinarian after graduation. In addition to seeing small animal patients at the hospital, Dr. Connolly also practices large animal medicine, specializing in exotic hoofstock. Her patients include deer, buffalo, zebras, antelope, and even a few giraffe. She also has a special interest in advanced reproduction techniques in exotic hoofstock and goats. Her interest in exotic hoofstock stems from being raised at the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. Dr. Connolly's family includes her husband, Mike, daughter, Cindy, and son, Matthew. The household is completed the several dogs; Maggie, Ashe, Kate, and Lilly and 2 cats; Dori and Nemo. When Dr. Connolly is not working at Lazy 5 Vets or Lazy 5 Ranch, she spends her free time attending her children's soccer and t-ball games and caring for her family's small farm.

Dr. Wilke & Fancy

Ashley Wilke, DVM, is a native of Western Rowan County.  She attended West Rowan High School and then received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from UNC-Wilmington.  Dr. Myers graduated from North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015.  Throughout veterinary school she focused on both large and small animal medicine.  Dr. Myers traveled extensively throughout the United States learning various cattle production methods and also received an award in ruminant diagnostic medicine during her time in veterinary school.  Although she joined the Lazy 5 Vets Staff as a veterinarian in 2015, she has been a member of team since 2005 as a technician.   Currently, she focuses on small animal medicine with special interests in ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery.  In her spare time, Dr. Myers enjoys traveling, fishing, and spending time with her family including her two dogs (Maggie and Fancy).

Dr. Jones & Mattie

Leah Jones, DVM, grew up in Cary, North Carolina. She received her Bachelors in Animal Science from North Carolina State University in 2012. Dr. Jones studied Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2016 with a focus of mixed animal medicine. Her professional interests include companion animal medicine with special interests in dentistry and medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and pets including horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. 


Linus & Scott

Scott Julian, Practice Manager, was born and raised in Salisbury, NC where he graduated from East Rowan in 1992. He graduated from UNCW with a BA in Psychology and minor in business. After marrying his high school sweetheart, Rebekah Frick, they moved to Raleigh where she attended vet school and he was a service manager at Raleigh-Durham Airport. After a brief stint in Tennessee, they moved back to good ol' Salisbury and became an EC teacher and coach at South Rowan High School. Scott became the practice manager with the Lazy 5 Vets in 2005 when Drs. Connolly and Julian bought the clinic from Dr. James. Although he loves most animals, Scott prides himself on taking care of any and everything at the clinic besides animals. In his spare time, he still loves to coach kids.  He loves to spend time with his three kids, Noah (12), Eli (9) and Hope (5). He has three dogs, Linus (Jack Russell), Regis (cocker spaniel), Hermione (golden retriever), and a salt water aquarium.

Mike & Rebel

Mike Connolly, Facilities Manager, was born and raised in rural New Jersey.   Prior to moving to North Carolina, he spent 8 years working with exotic animals at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park.  In 1992, Mike moved to North Carolina to help in the development, opening and operation of the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC.  During his 16 year tenure with the Lazy 5 Ranch, he oversaw the care of the exotic animals including assisting in veterinary procedures, administering treatments, and performing all tranquilizations.  In 1996, he married the oldest “daughter” of the Lazy 5, Corrie Hampton.  Assisting unofficially since Drs. Connolly and Julian bought the practice in 2005, Mike officially moved to a full time position in July, 2008.  Mike continues to use his extensive experience with exotic hoofstock and tranquilization, serving as our primary large animal technician and performing all of our large animal tranquilizations.  When he is not working, Mike spends his time helping care for his two children, Cindy (7 years) and Matthew (4 years), and the small farm that he and Dr. Connolly share.  He and Dr. Connolly have 3 dogs-Maggie, Kate, and Lilly.  Mike’s hobbies are fishing, coaching Cindy’s basketball team, playing ball with Matthew, caring for the goats, and anything outdoors.

Kathryn & Bugsy
Name:  Kathryn Julian
Title:  Office Manager
Joined Team:  January 2008
Years of Experience:  7 years
Pets:  Dogs - Lucy, Cocoa & Jackson: Horses - Kody, B.C.
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with my fiance, family and friends. Horseback riding, UNC Tarheels (Go Heels!), Love Tennessee Walking Horses, Love the NC Mountains
Fatback & Carolyn
Name:  Carolyn Moysan
Title:  Camp Wagon Tails Manager
Joined Team:  August 2009
Years of Experience:  6 years
Pets:  Dogs - Fatback, Cats: Chanel, Jasmine, Sophie, White Kitty
Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, Watching Cops, fishing & church activities
Other Interesting Facts about You: Once dove off a boat to reel in a fish.  I was not going to lose my pink fishing rod!!  
Arwin, Kilby & Katie
Name:  Katie Sansing
Title:  Lead Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  August 2007
Years of Experience:  8 years
Pets:  Dogs - Kilby, Arwin
Hobbies/Interests:  I really love to play kids' board games (Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders & Mouse Trap), I also really like to play the tamborine.  
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I'm Mrs. Kody Allman.  

Best Team in the Business!!

Maximus & Britney
Name:  Britney Groeneveld, RVT
Title:  Veterinary Technician (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Joined Team:  October 2013
Years of Experience:  8 years
Pets:  Dog - Maximus
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with my family, reading, I love movies, go to Topsail Beach & Surf City, NC
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I married my high school sweetheart, and have two kids (Madison & Aubrey). I am from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Lauren & Juju Bee
Name:  Lauren Lofgren, RVT
Title:  Veterinary Technician (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Joined Team:  January 2011
Years of Experience:  16 years
Pets:  Cat - Skippy Jon, Juju Bee
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending quality time with my son and reading.
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Favorite TV Show - Hillbilly Handfishin.
Laura & Layla
Name:  Laura Graney
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  May 2009
Years of Experience:  12 years
Pets:  Dogs - Reb & Layla; Cat - Toby
Hobbies/Interests:  Grey's Anatomy, Ping-Pong, Pac-Man
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I think that Willie Robertson is dreamy.
Matt & a bunch of kittens
Name:  Matt Vanhoy
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  August 2009
Years of Experience:  6 years
Pets:  Dogs - Tino
Hobbies/Interests:  Hermit Crab Behavioral Studies, Twister & Backgammon
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I have worked with research groups in Madagascar dealing with invasive species and carnivores.
Obie & Patricia
Name:  Patricia Smith
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  August 2012
Years of Experience:  2 years
Pets:  Dogs - Zero, Boo, Copper, Tucker & Brewer; Horses - Montana & Sunshine
Hobbies/Interests:  NCSU Wolfpack Football, movies, playing with my animals, spending time with friends and family, love to travel
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I love any kind of reptile or amphibian.
Roxy, Ashley & Haleigh
Name:  Ashley Herion
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  March 2009
Years of Experience:  11 years
Pets:  Hayleigh & Roxy
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family, football, days at the lake
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I have an eight year old son and one year old daughter.
Tina & Zoe
Name:  Tina Davis-Land, RVT
Title:  Veterinary Technician (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Joined Team:  Nov 2014
Years of Experience:  15 years
Pets:  Dogs - Zoe, Malcom & Spider
Hobbies/Interests:  Hiking, treasure-hunting
Other Interesting Facts about You: Lived in Colorado, Panthers Fan, Wine Connoisseur


Kristen & River
Name:  Kristen Sullivan
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  July 2011
Years of Experience:  8 years
Pets:  Dogs - River, Waylon, Willie, Hank, Bandit, Ginger; Cats - CC; Pygmy Goats & Chickens
Hobbies/Interests:  Riding four wheelers, Fishing, Muddin, playing with all my critters
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I DVR "The Price is Right" every day. Drew Carey is a dream, but I miss Bob Barker!
Stacie & Cletus
Name: Stacie Poole
Title: Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team: Sept. 2015
Years Experieince: 9 years
Pets: Paisley, Cletus, Shiloh, Beauford, Shadow - Dogs
Hobbies: Love my family, Hunting
Other Facts about Me: I have two beautiful and sweet youngins (Lilah & Landon)
Lily, Jessica & Peanut
Name:  Jessica Maher
Title:  Veterinary Assistant
Joined Team:  April 2013
Years of Experience:  2 years
Pets:  Dogs - Lily, Peanut, Roscoe & Tibbles 
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with family/friends and playing with my dogs.  
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Going to school to become RVT
Sisco & Holly
Name:  Holly Reed, RVT
Title:  Veterinary Technician (Registered Veterinary Technician)
Joined Team:  Oct. 2011
Years of Experience:  8 years
Pets:  Dogs - Cody, Sisco & Tux; Cats - Venus
Hobbies/Interests:  Other than love for animals...Enjoy visiting historical sites, watching movies, horseback riding, working out and eating healthy.
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Graduated in August 2011 in Veterinary Medical Technology at Gaston College, I'm originally from NJ and moved to Sanford, NC. I now reside in Mooresville.
Lilly, Sahara & Kate
Name:  Kate Green
Title:  Customer Service
Joined Team:  August 2008
Years of Experience:  8 years
Pets:  Dogs - Lilly, Sahara & Lucy; Cat - Jessica
Hobbies/Interests:  Hanging out with my husband; playing with my fur babies; taking vacations to see my families.
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I love SNOW!
Trigger & Rachel
Name:  Rachel Mowery
Title:  Customer Service/Camp Wagon Tails
Joined Team:  July 2014
Years of Experience:  1 year
Pets:  Dogs - Zane, Marley; Horses - Jaheen, Valor, Valentine, Trigger, Sadie; Goats - BlueBelle, Bambi, Zoey 
Hobbies/Interests:  Riding, Hobby Farming, Raising Dairy Goats, Spending time with my husband and son
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Grew up in a remote part of Mexico where the only transportation was by foot or horseback...Loved every minute of it!!!
Shari & Sadie
Name:  Shari Moore
Title:  Customer Service
Joined Team:  September 2014
Years of Experience:  Less than a year
Pets:  Dog - Sadie
Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, Spending time with family, crossword puzzles
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Love to grandmother taught me how when I was a little girl.  
Lulu & Sarah
Name:  Sarah Sanders
Title:  Customer Service
Joined Team:  April 2016
Years of Experience:  2 years
Pets: Dogs - Dudley & Lulu
Hobbies/Interests:  Hiking, hanging out with family/friends, interior decorating, home organizing, traveling
Other interesting facts about you: I studied abroad in Mexico for 4 months in college & I speak TERRIBLE spanish.  
Adele & Abby
Name:  Adele Burnside
Title:  Customer Service
Joined Team:  August 2016
Years of Experience:  6 years
Pets: Dog - Abby, Horses - Bob & Pepper
Hobbies/Interests:  Equestrian, music & archery
Other interesting facts about you: I played collegiate softball.   
Sierra, Tonda & Cairo
Name:  Tonda Myers
Title:  Receptionist
Joined Team:  March 2016
Years of Experience:  Less than a year
Pets:  Dogs - Cairo, Sierra, Brady, Zoey; Cats - Latte, Mocha, Reese, Jorji
Hobbies/Interests:  Pets of course!!  Reading, crocheting and the beach.
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I am a "retired" Civil Engineer.  
Keeper, Madilyn & Grace
Name:  Madilyn Arnez
Title:  Receptionist
Joined Team:  Nov 2016
Years of Experience:  less than a year
Pets:  Dogs - Keeper & Grace
Hobbies/Interests:  Hunting, Running & Skiing 
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I want to live on a huge farm one day.  
Ed Earl, Sonya & Brownie
Name:  Sonya Cain
Title:  Camp Wagon Tails Counselor
Joined Team:  November 2008
Years of Experience:  18 years
Pets:  Stan, The Sock Monkey, Sir Yankee of Doodle & Tiger - Cats
Hobbies/Interests:  Cooking, painting, “The Golden Girls," NFL, Formula 1 and Religous Studies
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I was baptized in Jordan River in Israel!!
Deuce, Roxie & Rebekah
Name:  Rebekah Sloop
Title:  Groomer
Joined Team:  April 2014
Years of Experience:  4 years
Pets: Dogs - Roxie & Deuce; Horses - Speck & Peppy
Hobbies/Interests:  Horseback Riding, riding 4 wheelers, fishing, being outside, and spending time with my husband
Other interesting facts about you: I used to show lambs in high school.  I love chickens!
Taren & Regis
Name:  Taren Evans
Title:  Groomer
Joined Team:  November 2013
Years of Experience:  10 years
Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with friends and family
Other Interesting Facts about You: 


Bruce & Elizabeth
Name:  Elizabeth Patrick
Title:  Camp Wagon Tails Counselor
Joined Team:  March 2016
Years of Experience:  Less than an a Year
Pets: Dog - Bruce
Hobbies/Interests:  Horse back riding, reading, being outdoors
Other interesting facts about you: I love all music, I don't pick certain genres.  I like a lot of different types.  
Panda & Ashton
Name:  Ashton Palmer
Title:  Kennel Assistant
Joined Team:  August 2016
Years of Experience:  Less than a year
Pets:  Dog - Panda
Hobbies/Interests:  Hanging out with my boyfriend, family & friends
Allie & Gunner
Name:  Allie Guske
Title:  Kennel Assistant
Joined Team:  September 2016
Years of Experience:  1 year
Pets:  2 Dogs
Hobbies/Interests:  Playing ball with my dogs.
Other Interesting Facts about You:  Spending time with my daughter.  
Brianna & Lucy
Name:  Brianna McIntyre
Title:  Kennel Assistant
Joined Team:  September 2016
Years of Experience:  1 Year
Pets:  2 Dogs - Lucy & Darcy
Hobbies/Interests:  Hunting & Fishing
Other Interesting Facts about You:  I go hunting and fishing with my husband.  I also enjoy activities with my church family.