Lazy 5 Vets


From a standard bath to a luxury full grooming experience, allow our professional grooming staff to get your pet looking and smelling their best from head to paw!

Full Service Package

Your pet will be pampered and treated to the ultimate spa day!

Full Groom Package Includes:

  • Low Stress Bath
  • Cute Gentle Haircut
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim & Anal Gland Expression

*Add Blueberry Facial for an extra bit of luxury

The Process

It all starts with a low stress bath in our walk-in tub, where pets gently get their ears cleaned and anal glands expressed. Next, each pet is massaged and rinsed with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Many owners even request a blueberry facial for that extra bit of luxury! Medicated baths are available when under a doctor’s care. While they are awaiting their turn on the table, pets are allowed to relax in our drying kennels until their stylist is ready to begin the haircut. Lastly, the haircut and nail trim are completed at owner’s request and each pet is spritzed with a unique fragrance.


For dogs that only require de-shedding, we are able to do a deep cleansing and deep conditioner treatment, followed by an extensive brushing of the hair coat, and blow out. This is great for those shepherd and retriever breeds who are plagued by seasonal coat changes. Add on a nail trim or anal gland expression to turn this into a complete spa experience.

We promote responsible pet ownership which helps keep your pet clean, healthy, and comfortable. During a routine grooming, our staff can also administer vaccinations and wellness check-ups.

Voted “Best Grooming” five years in a row in the RoCo Gold People’s Choice Awards!